“Sharpen the twofold gaze, perception and sight”
Miyamoto Musashi

I am riding the big data wave as a data scientist with a background in physics, mathematics and computer science.

Currently, I am a fellow of Harvard’s Institute of Quantitative Social Science and an associate computational biologist at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. In the past, I was a fellow of Harvard’s Molecular and Cellular Biology department.

Me at Harvard.

2 responses to “About

  1. I found your site in looking at math and visualization. Even with the repurpose, will you still talk about this. There is some interesting stuff about
    the visual brain and mathematics that doesn’t seem to get alot of time on
    the internet.

    BTW, I like your Musashi quote. Here’s a sort-of-analogous quote from 5th centure Ireland:

    What is faster than the wind. … Thought.
    What is sharper than the sword. … Understanding.

    Another twofold gaze?

    • Hi Bob, thanks for the quote! Yeah, I am still into visualizations. Unfortunately, producing nice ones can take quite a bit of time. So, I don’t get to do this sort of work as often as I would like.

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