Snapple Fact

Snapple Fact

Moving to Boston; New position at Harvard

What I’m doing these days.

I recently accepted a position as a Fellow at Harvard University.  So, I am in Massachusetts these days.  I spend on the Harvard main campus mostly, although sometimes I’m at the Medical campus in Longwood.   It’s all very new and so it’s much, much too early to claim there is any pattern yet, or that whatever patterns there are will persist.  Although, it’s nice to be able to move around between both Campuses.

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Don’t be too Risk Averse

This is a repost of my most recent article on the American Mathematical Society’s Graduate Student Blog

Graduate students are notoriously frugal. Although this is sometimes an economic necessity, in some ways I think we are a little too frugal. One of the ways that this frugality manifests, and that I find most prevalent, is risk aversion. This can be hard to detect because we are an adventuresome bunch. Although, perhaps more button-downed than the general college lot, we will try new foods, learn new languages and travel to new spots. However, in things that matter to our subject of interest, we tend to show our conservative side. I believe we ought to be more interested in doing unconventional things like entering contests, starting blogs, writing articles, making friends in other departments or collaborating with friends in other departments.

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Mathematics Visualization

First, I should make long-overdue mention of a visualization done by Rachel Binx using some of the data I had for tagging of papers as a way of figuring out the relationships between different mathematics fields. I’ve never met her, but she is apparently “a feisty young woman operating out of the bay area.”  She was kind enough to let me know about it last year.  So now, I’m letting you guys know about it (all three of you).  The visualization is interactive and you can check it out by clicking here.

It can be hard to keep up with a blog especially when you have a lot of other things going on … for instance, being the Editor-in-chief on a second blog. So, I will try not to neglect this one. I will also, probably, do something cheap on occasion like link to posts on the other blog.

New Data Set

Paul Ginsparg recently provided me with a truly awesome data-set concerning the mathematics papers at the  I am thinking of ways to put it to use in making new mathematics illustrations and hopefully improving on my previous project.

Happy Pi Day!

It’s sort of confusing how many possible Pi Days there are.

A Map of Math?

There has been some recent discussion at Reddit of an attempt I made to turn some data from arXiv.0rg into a visualization of the relationships between research areas in mathematics.  I was never completely pleased with the dataset. 

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