An Easy Introduction to C++ in Windows

An easy way to get started with C++ on a Windows system is to install Cygwin. Here is a detailed guide to installing Cygwin.

1. Go the Cygwin site and download the setup.exe file by clicking on the icon with the green center and the black border.


2.Cygwin Net Release Setup Program: Click Next


3. Choose A Download Source: Select Install from Internet and click Next


4. Select Root Install Directory: I would suggest accepting the defaults for this page and clicking Next


5. Select Local Package Directory: This is where the installation files are stored. In the picture below, there is blank because this line is specific to how you’ve set up your computer. You should see a directory on your screen. It’s okay to accept the default that the cygwin installer provides and to click Next


6. Select Your Internet Connection: Select Direct Connection and click Next


7. Choose A Download Site: This is a list of possible sources for downloading the code. I usually pick a nearby university or government source. For instance, the source is the Argonne National Laboratory and is a reasonable choice for someone in the Midwest.


8. Select Packages: Here we have many possible choices. However, we only need to make one selection to install C++. Expand Devel. Find the gcc-g++: C++ compiler entry in the Package column. Click the corresponding entry in the New column which should say Skip. Skip should now change to some numbers representing the most recent version of that package for Cygwin. Now click Next.


9. Progress:The program downloads and installs Cygwin. This could take a while depending on your internet connection and your choice of download site.

10. Installation complete:Click Finish

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